Previous AKC Champions

The Australian Kendo Renmei has been holding the Australian Kendo Championships for 35 years. Previous team and individual champions include...
2009 AKC (adelaide)
Dan Team Champion Western Australia
Women's Team Champion New South Wales
Kyu Team Champion Western Australia
Open Individual Champion H Tani (WAKR)
Women's Individual Champion V Yung (NSWKA)
Kyu Individual Champion L Lee (NSWKA)
Kata Pairs Champion Queensland
Veterans Individuals T Nishimoto


2008 AKC (sydney)
Dan Team Champion Queensland
Women's Team Champion New South Wales
Kyu Team Champion  New South Wales
Open Individual Champion  B. Smith (VKR)
Women's Individual Champion K. Sylvester (VKR)
Kyu Individual Champion L. Lee (NSWKA)
Kata Pairs Champion Victoria
Veterans Individuals
Y. Sano (NSWKA)


2007 AKC (Melbourne)
Dan Team Champion  New South Wales
Women's Team Champion  Victoria
Kyu Team Champion  ACT
Open Individual Champion  N. Bartlet (QLD)
Women's Individual Champion  S. Bonar (WA)
Kyu Individual Champion  P. Davey (QLD)
Kata Pairs Champion  Queensland
Veterans Individuals R. Walker (VKR)