AJKF Delegation Announced

AKR and the All Japan Kendo Federation will sponsor the visit to Australia of two expert kendo sensei, for the 35th Australian Kendo Championships, Seminar and Grading Exam, 2 to 7 April 2010.

Mr. Takeshi MASAGO, Kendo Hanshi 8 Dan and Mr. Toru TAMURA, Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan will join us from Japan as instructors, officials and examiners.

Other sensei assisting us at the exam up to Kendo 5th Dan are:
Mr. Satoshi SHIGEOKA (Jp), Kendo 7th Dan; Mr. Yoich Yano (Aus), Kendo 7th Dan and Dr. Hironobu FUJIWARA (Aus/Jp), Kendo 7th Dan.

A brief biography of MASAGO sensei  and TAMURA sensei.

MASAGO sensei:
All Japan Kendo Championship participated 6 times, Managing Director of AJKF, Committee member of the  International Div., Shogo Dan-I and Administration of AJKF and, formerly Professor - Physical Training Div. of the National Police Academy

TAMURA sensei:
All Japan Kendo Championship participated 6 times, Professor - Physical Training Div. of National Police  Academy, Committee member of International Div. and Instruction Div. of AJKF.

Other Championships, Seminar and Grading are details here.

AKR sincerely thanks the AJKF and all sensei for their willingness, time and energy to assist us.


If you are considering grading please process you grading application through your respective State organisations